GEOMANCY - The Ancient Chinese Art of Life Harmonisation

Geomancy is The Ancient Chinese Art of Harmonising our Lifes, which is supposed to harmonise our lives with the Earth's Energy and it IS STILL ALIVE! What does the Geomancy do? Harmonising our lives with the surroundings we live in.

Feng Shui Compass

Brucee Lee, former king of Kung Fu, died in 1973. His premature death came, because he lived in a house with a bad energy, which he had tried turning of with a 8-angle mirror at his house's gates. When typhoon broke the mirror, the house was left without the protection and soon Lee had passed away. Dealing with this kind of negative forces and promoting the positive ones are the main purpose of the Geomancy – the perfect system of life forces harmonisation and mistical physical objects at strategic locations at home                                                   and at work environment stimulation.

Harmonizing the Sky with Earth

Colorful harmony of ancient chinese landscapes did not arise out of pure coincidence. Experienced experts linked natural forces with artificial forms to reduce bad forces and multiply the good ones. Why did they do that? To implement Health, Hapiness and Prosperity to the people, living in respective area.

How do experts harmonise people with the location they live at?

Feng Shui

Chinese name for Geomancy literally means 'wind and water', two of the most fundamental forms of Life's Energy. The Chinese Encyclopedia defines Feng Shui as 'external and visible signs of the heavenly Yin and Yang' – We can overcome our limitations, if we live in harmonization with all forces of the nature, if we achieve harmonisation of Yang and Yin.

Qi – Harmonising Yin and Yang

The art of arranging of the human environment to be aligned with the Vital energy (Qi – pronounced 'Ch'i'). Feng Shui is all about understanding the secrets of energy movement in our surroundings and how the landscape, physical objects and interiors affect us at a subtle level - involving harnessing beneficial Qi ('Chi'; 'Ch'i') to promote success and energy of each individual.

Feng Shui

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